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30 day free trial for new members 

30 day free trial for new members 

30 day free trial for new members 

30 day free trial for new members 

Monthly Classes and Groups

Monthly Classes on a Variety of Spiritual Topics! Access private groups to learn and communicate with peers.

Free Access to Monthly Classes

Your Subscription includes access to monthly En-Lighten Up classes and discounts on paid events and classes. 

Socialize with the Community

Communicate with teachers and members within the app. Socialize in private groups, messaging, and community social pages.


Only $29 A Month

  • Best Value
    Every month
    Access Live Classes and More!
     7 day free trial
    • Free Access to Enlighten Up Classes
    • Discounts on Premium Classes
    • Join Private Class Groups
    • Special Access to Member Only Events
    • Access to Development Groups
    • Socialize with the Community in App
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On-Demand Classes

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Tarot readings can provide insights into your love life, career, and more. Whether you're struggling with a decision or feeling lost in a difficult time, a tarot reading can offer guidance and insight. 

On the Soul Social App, we offer online tarot classes that can help you learn to read tarot for yourself. Our classes are conducted by experienced Tarot readers, and they cover everything from the basics of Tarot readings to more advanced concepts. Plus, our app has a community of tarot students to reach out to and practice with. So if you're looking for guidance, wisdom, and support, be sure to check out our tarot classes today in the Soul Social App!

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At Your Own Pace

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

No upcoming events at the moment
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Kim Moore

Kim Moore brings 17 years of experience as a medium, psychic and teacher, plus and open-hearted compassion to every reading. Renowned for her accuracy, warmth, and sense of humor, Kim’s mediumship and psychic readings often provide peace, joy, deep insight and profound healing. It is her intention to empower and uplift all who connect with her.




Charles Cox

Charles Cox is a psychic medium and retired spiritualist minister with 40+ years of experience in Spiritualism, metaphysics, and psychic development. Charles is the founder of the Denver Psychic Development Group and is active in our metaphysical community speaking at events around the Denver area as well as up and down the front range.

More Teachers Coming Soon!

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Your Questions Answered

  • Do I need a membership to access the classes?
    While you don't need a membership to access most classes, you may need a membership for member-only classes, groups, discounts, or content.
  • How do I cancel my Membership?
    Our membership can be canceled anytime by accessing your profile or by contacting us. Please note that you'll not be able to access any classes you registered for on dates outside of your membership period.
  • Is it worth it to purchase a Membership?
    Our membership offers great saving on both membership only classes and premium paid classes. On top of that, you'll be able to communicate with other members to develop your skills and socialize with the community. Membership classes are $39+ individually. With our $29/Month membership, you get access to all of them for free. Discounts on premium level classes also allow you to save even more!
  • What's Included in my Membership?
    With a Subscription to Soul Social, you'll get Free Access to our member classes every month and discounts on our premium classes. You'll also have access to member-only groups, social pages, and the ability to communicate with other members in classes all within our app.
  • How do I access classes I registered for?
    Currently all classes are live. Once you register for a class, you'll receive email updates with details on the class and how to join the live event. While you can resister and browse for classes you can only access the live event using the link emailed to you.
  • How do I download the App?
    To download the app visit the Google Play or Apple Store and search "Soul Social". You can also download our app for your dashboard.
  • How do I use my Membership?
    When logged in on our website or mobile app, simply browse and select the class you want to join. When you do to register and "purchase" a ticket, you're membership will automatically be applied.
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Ready to go?

Sign up to get started. You'll have access to all upcoming live classes and groups.  You're only a step away!

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